>My Imagination Station

13 Apr

>Inspired by the goal of “Being Creative Everyday”, Club Creative Studio completes the challenge on a daily basis, without fail. The work space may be small but, the production and demand is growing. It is a continued thrill to create everyday!

There are a variety of steps in designing jewelry. Because many of Club Creative Studio beads are also hand-made, there are additional stages of creation to consider. Making just one bead may take twenty or more minutes depending on the technique used. Time well spent. It is why we say that Club Creative Studio Art Sets You Apart!

My creative work space is not limited to four walls and a table. Sometimes, I need to be outdoors. Sometimes, I work while I travel in the car on the computer. Sometimes, I work while I sleep… dreaming of color combinations or designs! All of those methods are constructive.

The starting point of creation is IMAGINATION. It is the stem of what is rooted in technique and our distinct styles. Completed beads, environmental surrounding, visuals from stores, inspirational photos, art magazine articles, online research or plain old “people watching” may also dictate where the next starting point will be in creating a piece of wearable art. Not everything has to come from an natural talent or skill. Sometimes well thought out plans work best to organize the outcome or specific look of a piece. Both need to be interchangeable aspects. It is important to balance the effective use of creativity and work in a productive space. My “imagination station” has had to become a flexible studio to accommodate the places I go and the space that I need to utilize my creative outlets. So, in a way…my imagination takes me where I need to go. And, it is a welcome surprise to stumble across a new destination by way of my imagination station!


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