>Spring fever, fresh colors and bright beginnings.

10 Apr

>I am taking the gentle turn into the season by adding lighter shades into the clays, in an attempt to welcome spring. I hope to mimic the color combinations around me. My outdoor adventures help me take note of the color changes. By admiring the budding trees and taking notice of the trends, you will see fresh and lighter color combinations all around you.

I will be making a special point to add white clay to my color mixing so that the pastel shades emerge. Some of the colors you can look forward to are happily “accidental”. I do not measure or mix colors in bulk. I just add a pinch here and here until the result is pleasing and cohesive with another tint. I other words, with my hand-mixing…there is no set recipe, the tints are made by having the confidence in mixing without ending up with “mud”. Some colors that I plan to incorporate already have assigned names because of their inspirations. Among those named are: sea foam, sand, gull cream, azalea pink, lily pad and Augusta green, coral, furn gully, spring rain, blue grass, mum fest, asiatics, rose petals, daffodil, and blue bird.

It may be billed as a time for new beginnings but, that doesn’t mean that you need to abandon those darker colors that you may like or are drawn to wear. If you label yourself as being an “autumn” person for example…you may like knowing that those gem tones look great on you. However, you might be wondering if you should take those colors into spring. Fashion is funny, personal and trendy at times. It may depend on your clothing choices and it may depend on your moods. It may also depend on your activities. The carefree days of summer, for example tend to call for a simple look or theme for the day. Club Creative Studio creates one-of-a-kind, hand-torched Italian glass beads on a simple cord that lend to this non-complex fashion feel and look. You can mix it up in the evenings, wearing something more substantial or with a piece with a specific theme like nautical or floral. The trends turn from colors to textures of the season as well. Sometimes, a highlighted stone or rock, a simple chain or knot, or a faucet cut crystal gives a different outlook of simplicity around your neck, wrist, or a dangle in earrings. If you want to follow trends, just “window shop” and see what is predicted or out there now. This doesn’t mean that you have to follow those trends. If anything, you will know what to work against, right?

Whatever your style, personality, or personal taste dictates…that is what you like…that is what you buy…that is what you wear.


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