>Gift Giving- Sharing the Talent

3 Apr

>Gift giving is easy for me to help you with. If you know you are giving to someone who is into festive jewelry or beads at all, you may find something online to give from the items offered in the online store Club Creative Studio collection. Even if they are not into wearing jewelry, they can still use a gift for someone else. Once one learns that Club Creative Studio’s products are hand made it becomes special merely knowing that there is nothing else like it in the world. Not only are the designs exclusive but, the hand-made beads are made in limited quantities when created. The Italian glass beads are one -of-a-kind as well. This appeal offers one to consider finding someone to give to, even if it is for themselves!

I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to make my own gifts and sometimes even give it to myself! If I feel like it, I can make a new necklace, earrings and matching bracelet to wear today, or the next day. I can very easily pick up my spirits by creating for myself. But, that is really not what I am about. I enjoy the fact that I am also able to spread my talent and share with others. This is what really gives me the most joy… sharing my talent.

It is very rewarding to me as a creative person to know that what I produce is an artistic value to others. It is important to me to have the opportunities to share my craft. That is the main reason why I have published an online store. I wanted my art to be accessible to many people who can appreciate wearable art and other hand-made items. I wanted people to be able to look at a collection and find what they want in their own time. I wanted it to be easy for someone to order and pay for a purchase. I have all of those aspects in the Club Creative Studio website. I am thankful for those who are inspired by the creations they see on the site and for those who purchase gifts…for others or for themselves.

Thanks for wearing and sharing Club Creative Studio Art!


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