>Spreading the Word about Club Creative Studio

31 Mar

>I am VERY appreciative of support from family, friends and friends of friends (whom I personally do not know) who have listed themselves as Club Creative Studio fans on the face book fan page to date. I love that a good thing can spread like a wild fire if the word is passed along to someone who either likes jewelry in general, has an obsession with beads, or maintains the valued concept of merely looking at or owning an art item that is a one-of-a-kind, handmade creation. I have a grin from ear to ear on this subject.

Thank you for your continued efforts to spread the word about our art!

Spreading the word about Club Creative Studio by word of mouth, face book, or from reading this blog is an easy task for you to help me with. In today’s society, most of us are lucky enough to have or know someone who has the capabilities to make a connection almost instantanious with another person or a group of people who might be standing right in front of them. Also, we can quickly touch base with so many who actually live across the globe. That helps me know that I can more readily share the resulting product of my passions, and continue to be creative for my own satisfactions and for others to admire and purchase.

I look forward to sharing a slice of myself as part of the creative process of making Art that Sets You Apart!

-Club Creative Studio


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