>Local Craft Fair Participant

28 Mar

>I just wrapped up another two day craft fair weekend. It was a successful indoor event.
Taking part in a local craft fair is entertaining and exhausting at times. It takes time to prepare and set up an appealing and functional display area. That is the main challenge. Your space allotment is limited and you are concerned with lighting and traffic flow as well. But, it can also be a very rewarding experience. For me, it is a great time to introduce new art lovers to my craft. Those that are familiar with what I produce, look specifically for my Club Creative Studio logo to locate me. They are the fantastic returning customers that enjoy coming around to see what is new at the tables.

It is a valuable opportunity to be able to speak and meet with people who are interested in you. I love informing others of the process that goes into making my beads. I especially enjoy seeing a reaction of wonderment and disbelief, as I elaborate on the fact that I actually CREATE the individual beads that are incorporated in a completed necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Many are amazed too, of the amount of time put into the production of the final products.

The next time you are in attendance of a craft fair, stop to appreciate the vast amount of talent that is exhibited in one central area. It is empowering to learn how many artistic or crafty people use their time and talents to make this world a more beautiful place for us all! Also, know that they all work hard to present to you and that they are probably exhausted at the end of their day(s) just like you are by the time you walk into each and every vendor booth.

Thank you for supporting the Arts by attending and purchasing from local craft fairs and thank you for taking time to get to know an artist in your community.


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