>Color Combos

26 Mar

>This is a new endeavor for me to set up and then maintain a business blog. I hope that it is useful for us to share the creative process with you as we create our art.

I am in constant observance of my surroundings for possible color combinations to mix from my clays for our beads. Inspiration is abound, and I make visual and mental notes every day on that topic.

I welcome your help by giving suggestions for color trends that you notice, like or just find interesting. Share your opinions on what catches your eye or a color scheme you are drawn to over and over again. Even informing me of your personal favorite color helps me decide what type of bead I will create!


One Response to “>Color Combos”

  1. Pat March 27, 2010 at 8:22 PM #

    >Hi Everyone, Veronica is one of the nicest people I know. Recently, she volunteered to design one of a kind pieces for a fashion show presented at the Jacksonville Country Club. Her eye for detail and color together with her creative flare sensationalized each fashion. While her talent is great, her heart is bigger. I highly recommend Veronica and her creative designs! Sincerely, Pat Zimmerman

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